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several questions about price and versions of Studio one 4

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asked Nov 20, 2018 in Studio One 4 by lenicbyun (120 points)

I used CUBASE before and lately decided to change to studio one :)
So, i'm goin'  to buy "studio one 4 version", but actually this is my first
time to use it so i have several questions :)

(My OS is win10/64bit)

1.  I never used formal version of this program,
so if the frist time of using it,

the program that i should buy now is the  "Studio One 4 Professional"
(238,804 price), is it right?
* so many versions of it confused me ;(

2.  I want know detail differences between 'artist ver.' vs 'prof. ver'

3. I saw some upgrade tools (professional upgrade from professional or
Is there any differences if i got this after buying "studio one 4
Professional"? or i don't need this one if i bout "4 prof.ver" ?

I'm sorry if i asked general questions here again, i tried to find the answers of my questions but i can't (maybe my bad searching skills.)
and also really sorry that my poor english.
hope you understand.

thank you, :)

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answered Nov 21, 2018 by ryanm1 (6,370 points)
There's only two versions, Artist and Professional (there used to be a Producer level in between).

Professional definitely has important upgrades over Artist (VSTs, Melodyne, Project/Mastering page). Professional has everything and there's nothing left to upgrade. Those are for people upgrading from previous versions.

Actually,  if you have Cubase you should check if there's a crossgrade.