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16.4.2 AI and Mac can not connect.

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asked Jul 9, 2018 in Ai Mixers by yongdokim (150 points)
edited Jul 9, 2018 by yongdokim
I am a 1642 AI user.
I am updating my computer from Windows to Mac, but I am having a lot of trouble synchronizing with Mac (Siena 10.12.6) and 1642.
I need to sync an updated version of the firmware to the 1642. Please let me know which of the many firmware updates you need.

The current synchronization situation is as follows.
1. Mac 1642 AI sound driver installed normally, universal control is formed, but the sound is inactive state.
2. I need to make various settings through the universal control.

Final question

 Resolving firmware update settings:
 Please let me know if you have received a lot of firmware in my account and need to move it to 1642 AI
1642 AI and computer are connected well (1394 card is normal connection, sounds sound normally but universal control can not be used)

Thank you.

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answered Jul 27, 2018 by jonnydoyle (118,660 points)
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Apple have made changes in how our drivers are installed. Please see the following for installation Issues with FireStudio Series on High Sierra Mac OSX 10.13

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If the issue remains then please create a support ticket.