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VocAlign costs € 129.00 ... when I want pay with "PayPal" it costs € 148.00

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asked Jul 9 in General Feature / Product Requests by berndrump (160 points)
Hallo ... My english is not very well ... but I try it in english ... hope You understand my "problem"

I have Studio one 3 ... and ... I want to buy "VocALign Project 3" ...

Now  ... the problem ... on the "VocAlign -site" the price for this plugin is € 129.00 *Price includes applicable taxes ...

When i want buy with "PayPal" suddenley the price is € 148.00 ...


greetings Bernd Rump

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answered Jul 9 by robertgray3 (18,040 points)
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I *think* those are the various fees Paypal charges for international sales (if you're buying in euros Presonus is an american company) being passed on to you, the consumer. And some sites, even though they say "taxes included" they dont calculate some VATs until checkout. Can't say for sure but there are some international vendors I don't use Paypal with because of those.