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Signal Path for Using Studio One Plug-ins in a "live" setting

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asked Jul 11 in Studio One 3 by stevenrudolf (590 points)
Can someone outline the signal path and settings required to use S1's plug-ins in a live setting using a Studio Live III console (i.e., SLIII 16)? I have successfully used S1 with my SLIII for play-back of backing tracks ... Now, I'm trying to use the plug-ins to add FX to live vocals.  I have tried a number of settings without success - hoping someone has a quick and easy way to do this. E.g., (assuming vocals are on Channel 16 on the SLIII) ... set CH 16 send to digital (v. analogue), set S1 channel input to CH16 (from SLIII), arm record, hit monitor, set S1 channel output to CH17 (on SLIII), set CH 17 source as USB, process as normal, season to taste... :-)

By the way, the above is what I have tried and it is not working (S1 registers no audio)... So, I am missing a step or setting.

Any help would be much appreciated.  


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answered Jul 11 by benpierce (46,440 points)
The only way I have found to do this so far is

Analog into a channel on the mixer --> USB out to a channel Studio One --> send that Channel to a bus in Studio One --> set the output of that bus to whatever USB channel you want --> Assign the input of a different channel on the mixer to that USB channel.

I only would do it this way for reverb and delay type effects. You can return the USB to an FX return channel on the SIII consoles, but there isn't a way to route the FX returns to a USB input in UC as of right now so you can't do it that way on a rack mixer.
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answered Jul 12 by stevenrudolf (590 points)
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Ben ... thanks for response. Agree with flow but thinking I may need to go deeper as this was not getting it done for me.  As noted, my set up mirrored your suggestions but I was still not getting audio into S1 (save your suggestion on sending S1 channel to a bus and then return that to another channel on the SLiii - which I plan to try next week - thx for that suggestion - but this point is moot until I get S1 to register the INCOMING audio).  ;-)

For those reading, couple of other details that may need further clarification and important to note. I did have the “Digital Send Source” set to Digital (but this may be a step others may over look).  So, I’m still thinking there is another step missing (or perhaps my flow was not as I thought it was LoL   ... plan to redo experiment next week during rehearsal)...  

As example of going deeper, I assume the track in S1 does not need to be “armed” nor the monitor function “engaged” (but asking as this is something I found I needed to do in Ableton Live before converting to PreSonus).  

Appreciate any other tips/thoughts from the community.