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Using Arcade Loops in Studio One

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asked Aug 17, 2018 in Studio One 4 by saulgarnell (160 points)

As a newcomer to DAWs and Studio One, apologies if this question is not a good one, but I'm confused about how to draw loops into the editor window when using Arcade (VST plugin by

In general, I get the idea that when I use the Paint Tool to start and stop between several bars, the loop plays at the point I've painted it in. You can see the loop in the screenshot below, where on the C4 key of the editor, my Arcade loop will start at the beginning of the 5th bar.

Note, the loop itself plays in total for 4 bars, so it naturally will loop if I extend out from where it is right now.

All good, but I noticed that if I shift this loop left or right (not changing it's length), to start at the beginning of the 4th or 6th bar, the loop does not start at the same place from a musical perspective. On the 4th bar starting position, what I hear is that my loop begins on it's 3rd bar and loops from the start as of my 5th bar of music in the score. Sort of like the loop has always been playing from the very beginning, but my use of the editor unmutes it for the sections I've painted it in. Likewise, if I shift the loop to the right to start on the 6th bar, my Arcade loop starts musically from it's second bar and then loops back to the beginning during bar 9.

In other words, if a loop is 4 bars long in play length, I can only start it from either the beginning of the song, or from the end of every 4th bar. This wasn't what I expected. I thought I could simply start the loop from any place in the song, bars, 1,2, 3 ,etc. and the loop would just begin musically from that point onward.

Does this make sense? I have the feeling I'm doing something wrong. I just can't seem to understand what.

Appreciate anyone's help.


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answered Aug 18, 2018 by saulgarnell (160 points)
Let me answer my own question. It seems this doesn't always happen. While testing my loops in the editor, the issue I raised happens now and then, but mostly while playing from points starting mid-song. It seems to go away when I start the song from the beginning. Not sure why this is happening, but if anyone can let me know, that would be great.