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Freeze track in project mode

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asked Jul 17 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by pellefridell (2,640 points)


How come it's not possible to freeze (convert track to audio and remember pluginsettings) in project mode?

I have really missed that recently with a bit hefty mix/ master project. 

Workaround was to save session/ project version and go back and bounce ALL tracks again (took 35 minutes for the session..)

Or... even better... freeze individual plugins on a track!!! :-)

Best regards,

Pelle Fridell

2 Answers

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answered Aug 1 by jorgepinto1 (3,930 points)
Right click on track. Transform track to rendered audio. Preserve real time settings.
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answered Aug 4 by pellefridell (2,640 points)

Hi and thanks for answering Jorge!

As I can figure out, rendering and preserving realt time status is unfortunately only possible in Song-mode.

It is possible to bounce a track, but then all realtime settings is gone... :-(

I really like the Tokyo Dawn Labs series og plugins for mastering, but they get a bit hard on the cpu, especially in "insane" mode..


Pelle Fridell