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Fat Channel 1810 Options for Comp/EQ?

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asked Jul 26, 2018 in AudioBox USB by earlgreen (170 points)
Hello, I have read all notes concerning the Fat Channel for 192 but still cannot find info for the new 1810. I am interested in buy the 1810 but want to be sure I can track using DSP FX like compression/eq/reverb/delay.

If I want to record a vocal using the DSP on the 1810, can I use the different compressors and eq's that are on the Fat Channel inside SO or are those only available for after tracking use?

Also, what is the DSP difference between the 192 and the 1810? For recording only one vocal at a time would the 1810 be sufficient?


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answered Apr 23, 2020 by mll1700 (190 points)
Hi, Earl. I'm curious if you ever found an answer to your question. Like yourself, I want to know if the 1810 (or 1810c) is capable of real-time, zero-latency recording and monitoring through headphones, with Fat Channel effects (EQ, Compression, Noise Gate). My main use is voiceover recording.

The model 192 looks like a fine unit, but it's overkill for my purposes, in terms of inputs/outputs and (in my opinion) price.

Thank you!
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answered Apr 23, 2020 by earlgreen (170 points)
This is 2 years old. I never could get a good answer so I gave up and purchased the UAD Apollo Twin. Never been happier. I like Studio One and use it but the sound through the Apollo with all the modeled plugins is incredible.

I've not looked at PreSonus since.