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Presets of SL 16.02 (old FireWire version) readable by new USB-based version of L 16.0.2?

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asked Aug 7, 2018 in Classic Mixers by AxeMan69 (150 points)
Hi, I own an "old" SL 16.0.2 which I ran with an (also) old notebook with Win7 that had no built in FireWire interface but a PCMCIA II card slot equipped with a FW card. For years, this combination has been working perfectly. Now, my Notebook's display section is irreparably damaged - the damage is mechanical, not electronical. One of the hinges is broken and stuck, so I can no longer fold the display section down to the keyboard. But I can still boot the unit, see my desktop and work with the computer.

Though it may work at home, in this state, however, I will not be able to take the NB on the road anymore (an external display is no option...). Since FireWire and PCMCIA II interfaces are both extinct on notebooks, I'm considering how I should go on. I noticed Presonus had launched a USB version of the 16.0.2. I have saved many scene & channel presets both on my NB & the mixer. So before I buy a 16.0.2 USB mixer I'd like to know if they are transferrable? Any experiences on that?

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answered Aug 8, 2018 by jonnydoyle (384,010 points)
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The two versions of the mixers are identical to each other apart form the firewire/USB ports. You can load you previous setups from the older one to the new one using Universal Control if you wish.