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Constant, high pitch whine from my Ceres 4.5 BT speakers

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asked Aug 21, 2018 in Ceres BT by trinhnguyen (130 points)
My Ceres 4.5 BT speakers outputs a constant, high pitch whine (frequency of a G6 note) when it detects audio signal and turns on. This whine is directly proportional to the volume of the speaker controlled from the volume knob (no change if increased from Windows computer) and is still present when the volume is at 0. The whine is also from both the speakers if connected or just from the main speaker if disconnected from one another. My set up is very simple, just a Windows computer and the speaker.

This has happened in the past and solved it by cleaning the contacts between the power chord and the power input on the speaker, removing all the wires and plugging them back in minutes later, and/or changing outlet locations. These solutions may have been coincidental and no longer work. I have tried a new aux chord, I have no tried a new power chord, and I have not tried a new connection chord for between the speakers. I have also tried all the outlets in the house and a different music source (bluetooth from my phone) to no avail.

I have searched the knowledge base without any sufficient answers and couldn't find any sufficient answers. I'd appreciate any advice that anyone can provide me! I tried opening a technical ticket but it keeps taking me to an "Opps, this page doesn't exist" page...

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answered May 15, 2020 by samrichardson1988 (150 points)

I had the same problem and after days after searching around for an answer and trying everything out, I found that the causes of the high pitch noise is feedback caused by some USB LED lights that I had plugged in to my computer. The lights use bluetooth to control them which I think the speakers were picking up.

This might not be your problem but you could switch off any bluetooth devices and see if that solves it.