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Impact XT: Add an "Automatically Map all active pads to mono or stereo outputs" option/shortcut

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asked Aug 28, 2018 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by robertgray3 (38,620 points)
edited Sep 2, 2018 by robertgray3

Proposing two actions be put into Impact XT somewhere

I think right clicking on the bank icon would be a good place for these

  • "Map all active pads to separate mono or stereo outputs" - explained below
  • "Reset Routing" - routes all pads in that bank to Stereo 1

I manually perform these actions so often that I think something like this would be very useful.

When you fire off the "Map All active pads..." action all pads are routed to separate outputs. Only works for one bank at a time, makes sense since there are 16 outputs. If it's mono, it goes to a mono output. If it's stereo, it goes to a stereo output. The use case I’m imagining here: I frequently create a custom kit of 6 or 7 samples and then route them out. I may add more in later. 

I think the only tricky part is whether to do only active pads with a sample in them or all pads, regardless of if they’re blank or not. I realize “active pads” may require a few extra checks if you fire it a second time after adding to / re arranging the kit, but I think it would be useful. Perhaps it could even name the console channels after the sample/pad name

However the feature shakes out, It would personally save me a lot of time.

I realize there are workarounds such as saving your default with Mixtools on separate outputs etc. but something well integrated and easy to do after-the-fact would be nice.

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