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Impact XT: improve data storage and Song portability

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asked Aug 31, 2018 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by robertgray3 (42,210 points)

So I love Impact XT but am trying to hone in on a set of FRs that could make its use in conjunction with a user-curated sample library easier. I regularly create Impact kits that reference my ever-growing sample library on an external drive. I save them as a patches. I actually like how since v4.0 Impact patches just reference the external samples even if you save external files as part of the song. That way when I save kits I know they will fit into my well-organized and landscaped sample library.

There are however, two situations that I feel could be improved a bit with additional features. 

Feature requests:
1. A function in the Patch menu of Impact XT called "Include in Song File" that will export a soundx file that the user picks the name of to the Song's folder. Then, this soundx file will be automatically loaded as a preset in the current instance and put in the Song's Pool.

The reason I'm suggesting this is a number of users miss the ability to marry Impact kits/samples with the song for easier export or archiving. The current most effective way to accomplish this is to export as soundx, re-load it as a patch replacing the kit, and save the song file. This has a minor bug but is pretty useful.[/url] So I feel like this FR could take a 3 step not-very-well-known process and mainstream it a bit.

Here's a popular question in Answers showing this is a point of confusion that could be simplified a little with a feature like this:


2. A "Samples" section under Settings->Locations->User Data that has an entry for "Impact XT" that allows the user to specify a location where Impact XT samples with a checkbox for "Import Drag-and-drop Song samples into "Imported" folder."[/When checked, this setting would make it so that [i]files from within the Song folder[/i] dragged into Impact XT are automatically sent to a folder called "Imported" within the "Impact XT" samples path. Then the pad references this path instead of the file in the Song folder.

There is some overlap with the previous FR in that involves making it easier to decide where your samples/kits are stored/referenced. It is intended to address a situation I run into a lot - adding a sample you created in a song to a kit you created before. Right now the pain point here is that if you just drag and drop it from the arrangement [i]saving the kit as a patch or replacing the preset will cause it to reference the file in the song folder[/i]. 

If I don't feel pressed for time, I name the region, drag and drop it into the correct folder in my sample library in the browser, and [i]then[/i] drag it onto the pad.

If I'm doing this in a hurry and I forget to take the time to export the sample to the proper folder in the browser before dragging it from the browser onto a pad,  I would honestly rather have it at least go to a catch-all folder that I can specify.

I realize down the road users would probably want this to develop into a whole Sample Library section of the program but for now I would love if they at least got deposited into one singular folder.

what do you guys think?

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