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Cannot update AUDIOBOX USB 96 Firmware v1.14

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asked Sep 13 in AudioBox USB by lonelypoe (260 points)
Hello all, I've just updated Universal Control to version 2.9.0 & received a notification to update the firmware on my Audiobox USB 96 from v1.10 to v1.14.

However, when I run the update it says my device cannot be found. I've tried restarting my PC, reinstalling Universal Control but nothing seems to work. I am now unable to use my audio interface unless I perform the firmware update.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

Kind regards, Daniel.

1 Answer

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answered Sep 18 by lonelypoe (260 points)
Hi all, just an update for anyone else who may be experiencing issues with the latest Universal Control. After raising a ticket & speaking with a couple of support guys, I was advised to go back to Universal Control version 2.8 & to ignore any update requests.

My interface works on the older version, so I assume there is an issue with the latest version of UC - therefore anyone experiencing issues, roll back to the previous version & await the next update maybe.

Kind regards, Daniel.