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Can I add FX to a single channel for a single AUX

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asked Sep 26, 2018 in Classic Mixers by donaldlund (120 points)
I would like to add reverb to our kick drum on an AUX pair that we use for our web streaming without affecting the FOH mix. Is that possible?

I'm a newb, but I've been reading and watching a lot of posts and videos and I haven't seen this addressed.

We have a PreSonus Live 24.4.2 Mixer and are using AUX 9/10 for the audio feed to our youtube web streaming PC.

The kick drum over these sounds like someone is thumping on a cardboard box. It lacks richness or harmonics or reverb or something. I want to make it sound better over AUX 9/10 without affecting FOH. How can I adust the sound of channel 1 for AUX 9/10 without affecting FOH?

We are using an electronic drum set which is sending the kick drum on channel 1 and the snares and symbols on channel 2. I don't have any other information about the drum set at this time, but it sounds fine in house when it is broadcast over loud speakers.

I would appreciate any help, advice, or feedback. Thanks.

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