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Add Pre Delay Aux Send Point or change channel fx order

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asked Dec 7, 2020 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by erhardschwenk (1,940 points)

On the SeriesIII Mixers, Channel Delay is even applied to any pre Fader aux send, at least as I tried last week at a lokal Dealer. So there is no way to get rid of the Channel Delay for Monitor signals.

This makes Channel Delay unusable for compensation purposes in any scenario with Monitoring since nobody will want the Front Line compensation delay in the Monitoring - that would be completely contra-productive.

There are 4 Ways to solve this:

1. change Channel FX Order or (even better) make it configurable for each Channel. Apply the Channel Delay after Fader but before Panning by Default. So Pre Fader Sends will not have Delay but post Fader Sends have. That would be the correct behaviour in 99% of the use cases. This ist the way it is done in many other digital Mixers, for Example Soundcraft SI Series. 

2. give each send and the Main Mix its own Delay (e.g. make Delay a Parameter of each crossbar node) and give a possibility to couple Send Delays with Channel Delays (like it should be done for Pan Pots). This would be the most flexible Solution, but will eventually cost much DSP Power and Memory and it will cost time to setup if it has no good defaults.

3. add a Pre Delay Send Point. This is Solution with minimal technical effort but has some caveats. Especially, it keeps the Channel EQ from the Sends, which while in theory ok is a case of "less practical solution" - on most Desks, Channel EQs are appliet to Pre Sends and that gives reasonable Results.

4. as an Extension of Solution 2, there could even be a complete alternative Channel Strip for each Send, including its own Gain, Delay, EQ and FX, with each parameter being able to be coupled with the Parameter of the main Channel Strip. I do not think this will be possible with acceptable Performance and without adding DSP Power.

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answered Dec 10, 2020 by jonnydoyle (402,350 points)
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