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Clicks in recorded audio from HD ADAT via 192 interface

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asked Sep 19, 2018 in Studio One 4 by anthonymckenzie (320 points)
Hi Guys,

I am currently connecting a Mackie SDR HD out with ADAT to the Studio 192 interface... 1st 16 channels from the SDR. So far so good.

Then I record the tracks directly in to studio 4. I don't change anything re ADAT levels as they are known to be perfect on the Mackie SDR.

BTW The PC is VERY powerful and at least 32Gb ram etc. so I have discounted that as an aspect.

However, I hear clicks in the recorded audio in studio 4 (almost as if the audio has digital distortion)… more noticeable on bass tracks but it is there throughout the recording when it hits studio one 4.

It seems rather strange that this should happen because the original HD recordings are nigh on perfect and I can't really see why (or where for that matter) I would have to reduce the output from the Mackie SDR or the in/out of the Studio 192. I don't quite 'get' where to lower that in the 192 either? its ADAT?

ANY advice about this would be really appreciated - I'm a little stuck with this problem. I just want to transfer my audio from the old system to Studio 4 as simply as possible. I also have a Studiolive 32 but that has no ADAT interface :( or maybe that would have been a better option maybe.

In any case if anyone has any answers for this it would help enormously.



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answered Feb 22, 2019 by rolflanger (180 points)
When you start UC-Surface then you can see some settings like buffer-size, sample rate etc.

In this window there is also "syncsource". Try to change "syncsource" from internal to ADAT.

I had clicks by receiving Data via adat from a second audiointerface (Profire M-Audio) while syncsource was set to "internal".

After switching to ADAT, the clicks disappaered.