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FireStudio 2626 like a 8 Channel ADAT interface

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asked Jun 12 in Legacy Interfaces by romansavrulin (420 points)


Is it possible to use PreSonus FireStudio 2626 like a 8 Channel ADAT interface alone (without VSL or any Software at all) with an optical cable connected to another interface, that is driven by Studio One?


I found contradictory information about that question on different forums, so I want to clarify this question. here PhireAlly says it is possible, while others says its not. Whom to believe?

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answered Jun 12 by AlexTinsley (723,100 points)
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The answer to your question is no, the FS2626 was not designed to work as a stand alone PreAmp when not attached to the host computer. The solution described in the community support forum article still has it attached to a 2nd computer because the FS2626 cannot be used without a host system. If you're willing to hang an entire computer off to the side to act as the host, then you could possibly follow those suggestions. Post any questions you have to that thread or post a new topic in the forum to see if anyone can assist you with getting that running if you have any issues.