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Does Capture 2 work in Mojave?

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asked Sep 29, 2018 in AR Hybrid USB Mixers by enricoconedera (200 points)
I upgraded my MacBook Pro to Mojave and now Capture 2 does not work.  I decided to uninstall / reinstall.  I uninstalled it according to the instructions on your web site.

When I went to the download link to get the latest version, it does *not* state support for Mojave.  At this point I have not reinstalled the application.

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answered Oct 3, 2018 by horaciocaliva (150 points)
Se debe desintalar o borrar el soft y volverlo a instalar a la última versión nuevamente. Eso me funcionó perfectamente.

Instalar la ultima actualización sobre la anterior (sin antes borrrla) no sirve.

Lo mismo con el UC Surface, y me funcionó el visor de RTA y Especte en la EQ.

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answered Oct 30, 2018 by enricoconedera (200 points)
I got Capture 2 to work in Mojave.  I started over - and reinstalled Mojave on my MacBook Pro, by erasing the disk and reinstalling the OS.  Then I installed Capture 2, and it works just fine, thank you.

When I upgraded from High Sierra to Mojave, I had all my USB cables connected to my music devices.  This is not very wise - PreSonus recommends that you disconnect all external devices before upgrading OSX.  I had tried uninstalling Capture 2, using the procedure recommended by PreSonus, and then reinstalling it, but that did not work.  

So, in my case, I decided to erase the hard drive and start over.  This was not too difficult because the laptop is fairly new and I did not have tons of applications installed.