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Change Colors Of Midi And Audio Regions without changing entire track color?

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asked Oct 1, 2018 in Look and Feel by ltwizmizz (260 points)

There's a great feature in Logic I used to use where you were able to change the Midi and Audio region colors without changing the entire track color. I found it useful whenever I would change up what I was playing so I don't have to look at each midi region to remember which one has a switch. Would be dope to see something like this integrated into Studio One. Nothing too major just helps a little with workflow.

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answered Oct 15, 2018 by niles (53,890 points)

In the inspector you can change Event/Part colors by clicking the color bar next to its name and selecting a color or scrolling through the colors with the mouse wheel.

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answered Oct 16, 2018 by ltwizmizz (260 points)

For some reason that wasn't working for me, but I figured out that you can also right click a region and then click the top left near the name and change the color as well.