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Change color of buttons in Track, Track info & console to refelct different states

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asked Aug 21, 2019 in Look and Feel by davidmay1 (380 points)
Suggestion / Feature
Change color of button in Track / Track info & Console to indicate when other states exist
Change color of Monitor button to indicate when a 'Direct Input' is selected,
Change color of Record/Arm Buttons to indicate what Record Mode is selected Record Takes / Mixes
Change color of Solo Button to indicate different modes / if it will revert when global solo is toggled

Existing Example: Console inserts/sends: when you select the 'automation bypass' the button in console inserts/sends turns orange to indicate bypass has been selected.

While I am only using SO3.56 (and intend to upgrade when i have the $$) It would good to know this improvement was in SO4 waiting for me ;-)


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