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The ability to change the color for track waveforms and midi

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asked Dec 20, 2017 in Look and Feel by craigtambascio (530 points)

As a convert from other DAWs I've notice the video display of waveforms is very basic and dull looking. In other DAWs and even older versions of S1 the waveforms are "colorized" and the color of the waveform contrasts better with the background. This pops out more and make details easier to see. I think this would improve mixing and editing workflow. In S1 v.3.5 the waveform color is a dark grey mono-chromatic tone that doesn't stand out as much. Nor can they be changed for different tracks - all waveform colors are always the same. 

In Pro Tools and Sonar the waveform color has more contrast and I tend to like it better. In fact in Sonar you can customize the colors for the waveforms. While that may be overkill I just want something that pops out more. 

Interestingly I saw videos of an older version Studio One that has more color contrast. So it seems there has been a color change in V3 - but not option to use colors from previous versions as some DAWs have.

I've tried setting the appearance preferences but that didn't really do much. I know it's just a visual thing but when doing editing and working with high track counts I think this can really enhance workflow and the ability to visually locate and edit tracks quickly.

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answered Jan 17, 2018 by AlexTinsley (925,190 points)
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answered Aug 7, 2019 by tonymacchio (340 points)
Hi Im new here, is there a way to bump this thread? Ive recently moved over from Cakewalk, and having the option of a black background behind a wave form makes everything easier to see. I know a lot of DAWs do that but its really hard to get used to, and makes it seem cluttered. And I'm not sure if this the right place but some other ideas.

2. Is there a volume range for each fader?  eg; again in Cakewalk, your volume fader can have a range of 60db - 12 db. (changeable) The finite range is nice when recording and mixing.

3. Double click is easier than control click IMO, when bringing something back to default.
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answered Jan 8, 2023 by konrad.zuk (220 points)
Hi, the workflow and the visibility of waveforms in audio files are so important.... If you check the appearance of waveforms in FL STUDIO 20 this is the best optimal colour waveform to background.... You can easly cut them and rearrange in daw and the big zoom is not required.

 I moved from FL Studio 20 to Studio One ver 5,1  (best version so far, on ver 6  " great kick sounds like a knock" Low bass is cutted.)

Is there any bugfix to Studio One 5,1 to change the waveform colours?