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UC addition of Virtual Sub-Groups

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asked Oct 8, 2018 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by Tele (2,070 points)
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Adding user defined VIRTUAL sub-mixer channels in the UC software might prove to be very helpful.

By allowing the user to create VIRTUAL sub-mixer folders the user could group the channels in a more logical way rather than simply choosing colors for each strip to identify the group the channel belongs to. Along with that a new VIRTUAL fader the user could control the volume of all of the channels that were assigned to that VIRTUAL fader.

An example would be to create the following VIRTUAL faders that would contain & control the overall features of that group.


  1. Kick
  2. Snare
  3. HH
  4. Toms
  5. OH


  1. Trumpet
  2. Sax
  3. Tuba


  1. Lead
  2. Harmonies


  1. Guitars
  2. Bass
  3. Piano
  4. Organ

This approach could be used to close the VIRTUAL folders & only visibly show the VIRTUAL fader until the user was to EXPAND the contents of the folder.

As a result, the user could quite literally use 4 or 5 VIRTUAL faders to mix an entire session from a PC via UC.

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answered Oct 9, 2018 by benpierce (98,890 points)
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Why not use the existing subgroups and DCAs? That's pretty much what they are designed to do.
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answered Oct 17, 2018 by corbincamp (2,010 points)
The DCA groups do this. However, PreSonus could improve this a bit by not pushing the auto groups down the list. The autogroup assignment is cool, but kinda clunky when you have to scroll down for the ~Drums. Should just create the group and be done. If I want to edit, I should be able to.