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iOS notion ipad - quick way to toggle between edit mode and play select mode - especially for apple pencil handwriting

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asked Oct 9, 2018 in Notion iOS Feature Requests by hskay (280 points)
iOS Notion iPad - currently it is very frustrating to toggle between apple pencil handwriting edit mode and play/select mode. Currently you have to tap on the keyboard icon, and then tap on the pen icon, in order to toggle....and then there is no way to really tell later if you are on edit mode or play/select mode.

There should really just be one button on the left or right side of the ipad that toggles between edit mode (especially needed for apple pencil handwriting) vs play/select mode. The button should also just show the current status - whether it is on edit mode or play/select mode. If there are any other users frustrated, please vote.

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