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iOS Notion - Please add apple pencil annotation capabilities (markup)

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asked Jun 8, 2021 in Notion iOS Feature Requests by gbrettell (690 points)
Can you please add the ability to annotate a score and add markup using apple pencil or finger?  This way the user can add notes to the score or even add score markings which the app is currently lacking.  This could be implemented as a graphic "layer" which could be then enabled or disabled in the view/print stages.  Great for teachers, musicians performance notes, etc..

Thanks in advance - I know you can do this! :-)

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answered Oct 24, 2021 by waynerose1 (3,760 points)
I would like to add my enthusiastic support for this important feature request, i.e., "high time we got up to speed"!

Apple is ending support for all 32-bit iPads, like my 9.7" 4th generation iPad, which works ok with my Adonit Jot Pro. But the reality is that Notion iOS simply needs more screen real estate and more power. So I'm currently shopping for an iPad Pro 12.9 which I will use with an Apple Pencil 2.

The 12.9" iPad Pro has been around since 2015, six full years. Apple is marketing the largest iPad Pro as a more capable alternative to the MacBook Pro. That's saying something. In fact, the 2021 iPad Pro 12.9 is M1 driven, with remarkable graphics capability, and up to 2 TB of storage. Not to mention, iPad Pro's have been fully 64-bit since their initial release.

The Apple Pencil 2 is the most advanced stylus on the planet, with features like pixel-accurate drawing, palm rejection, variable line thickness based on pressure sensitivity, also line thickness based on angle, direct bluetooth pairing and (continuous) charging with magnetic mounting on the iPad, programmable double tapping near the nib which can be assigned to often used gestures such as erase, undo or redo, and much more.

Many of these features require programming within the software in use.

The thing about digital notation software that is rarely understood until it is actually used, is that writing music with a stylus on a screen is very different from pencil and paper. To put it simply - it has just never been that immediate, meaning the process of putting what you hear to score has always suffered dramatically from the latency caused by the interface itself - until now.

Apple is betting heavily on this technology, for artists, architects, design engineers, graphic illustrators - and yes, composers and arrangers. So should Presonus!