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24 bit 44100 hz recorded audio files in a 24 bit 88200 hz session?

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asked Oct 30, 2018 in Studio One 4 by pablovaldes (120 points)
Hello , well this question i am sure nobody have asked before .

I have my session and files at 24 - 44100, but i would like to pass that mix through external gear like my equalizer and i would like to record that at  88200 hz,
Now, in Studio One you can set your session at 88200 while having all your files at 44100, my question is:

will i degrade the original files at 44100 while having my session at 88200?

Why i want to do that? because i want to print my mix after the equalizer at 88200 to loose less quality using the same computer and converter?

does this make sense? or should i stay at 44100 and go out and in back again to 44100?

Thank you!

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