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closed Please let us export multiple formats at the same time

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asked Apr 7, 2021 in Completed Feature Requests by bentravis (860 points)
closed Mar 3 by arndkaiser
Hey all.  I made this request a long time ago, and I honestly can't believe it still hasn't been implemented.  Can we please have a way to export multiple formats at the same time from the mastering suite?  For example, every time I export, I always do a 16-bit wav and a high-quality mp3.  Every single time.  So when I go to export, I have to do the wav file, then come back, change the export to mp3, and export again.  It seems like it would be simple to add like a little plus sign or something and let people set up all the different exports they want, then save it as a template.  This would save me and many others so much time.  

So many of the features you guys have done on your updates I don't use at all, but this I think would be used across the board by many, many people, and likely wouldn't involve very much programming on your part.

Thanks for the great software!

closed with the note: Implemented with Studio One 5.5

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answered Apr 10, 2021 by Lukas Ruschitzka (255,790 points)
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answered Sep 15, 2021 by bentravis (860 points)
Hey guys - I was so excited when I saw you were doing multiple format exports.  Just super excited.  And I saw the option when I was exporting my file as a mixdown mastering, and was again incredibly excited.  This would save me so much time at the mastering phase.  But then when I went to master the file, the option wasn't there!  It's only available at the mixdown stage?  The only time I imagine most of us need it is at the mastering phase when we're ready to send the client multiple types of files without sitting there waiting for the mp3 to export, then setting it to wav, waiting again, etc.  (sigh)  PLEASE add this same exact feature to the mastering suite!  It's perfect the way it is, it just needs to function during mastering.