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StudioLive 32.4.2 AI - how do I insert a hardware compressor on the master buss?

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asked Jul 1, 2020 in Ai Mixers by alextimchak (120 points)
Hi all - I bought an analogue "warming unit" and want to run use it as an insert effect on the master buss and record this digitally.  Right now I have the master out from 1/4" jacks into the unit, then run the audio out of the unit into the tape in (2 track in.)  According to the manual, when the tape button on the 2 track in is lit up, this audio will then be routed to the master outs.  When I turn up the 2 track in and the master fader, it leads to feedback.

How should I being doing this?  Is it possible to bring the digital audio out into the analog domain, process it, then back in digitally to record on the master buss?

Would I be better served using Tape out -> analogue processor -> tape in?


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answered Jul 4, 2020 by arkey (150 points)
Mute the Tape monitor input in your DAW.
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answered Aug 1, 2020 by jooprodromosconstantinidis (140 points)
Hello. I'm from Brazil. I will be happy to help. You must do the following ... Make a stereo link between subgroups 1 and 2. Then connect two balanced cables from the sub outlets 1 and 2 of the console to the inputs A and B of your analog processor. Then connect the outputs A and B of your analog processor to the Line Inputs of your choice (example, 31 and 32). Calibrate the gain control below Unit to avoid saturation. Now to finish, you will remove all channels from "main" and will address to the subgroups 1 and 2. These subgroups will receive the bus of all channel strips and also the effect returns (aux inputs A and B). Finally, select subgroups 1 and 2 and assign it to "main" ... With this recipe, your entire stereo mix will go through the external analog processor and then go to DAW. Visit my "Mopho Studio" channel on Youtube and see my Studio Live in operation. A hug.