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When I change the pitch of a slice in Sample XT in changes the pitch of all of the other slices

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asked Dec 2, 2020 in Studio One 5 by garylehrer (120 points)
I put a sample of a sax into Sample XT and made slices. All of the slices work fine against a C chord. However I use the Chromatic Mediant of Eb and want one slice to be transposed up a minor 3rd. However, when I do that all of the other slices, not just the slice that I have selected at the time. Is there a fix or workaround for this? Do I have put another sample of the sax on another track in another instance Sample XT? Is there any third party Sampler that can do that? Thanks!

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answered Apr 12, 2022 by bandybum (1,050 points)

Just click on 'Edit Sample' within SampleOne XT - this takes it out of the default global mode and enables adjustments of pitch, lfo and stuff of each of your individual slices/samples.

Note: The fx such as reverb, delay, etc. are global only

Good luck with your mission!