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On connections for recording and playback (live application)

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asked Oct 30 in StudioLive Series III by emilioarias (200 points)

Hi, reading the manuals before buying I can’t clearly understand the recomendad connections for recording with. SL3 Rack:

  • Capture computer connected to usb (then, connections to control ethernet port will not function?)
  • Capture computer connected to control ethernet port?. This way i can also have multiple UC Surfaces connected?

Also for digital playback (not connecting via Xlr/jack), I understand that installing the UC driver and connecting the rack to the control ethernet will get the computer a new playback device which I can map to mixer inputs? Can tracks be played from SD?

Can I do playback and recording same time? With different computers?

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answered Nov 1 by jonnydoyle (86,210 points)
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To record too Capture you can use the USB connection or the AVB connection on AVB enabled computers.

The USB port connection to a computer can also offer you control via Universal Control installed on the connected computer

The control port is use to connect the mixer to a wireless router so you can then log in with a iPad/Android tablet for wireless control

The control port is also used to connected to a computer for DAW mode for Studio One

The SD card can only play back recordings that where made onto the SD card from the mixer, its not a multi tracking tool

You can record into a computer and playback audio from the same computer if you are multi tracking with a DAW