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Why do my audio devices fail everytime I open Studio One (Scarlett Solo)?

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asked Oct 30, 2018 in Studio One 4 by dillonjohnson (140 points)
Hello everyone,

I am sort of at my wits end with this problem. I have watched a few videos and made sure my sample rates match, I have changed them between 48k and 41k and nothing seems to work. I want to be able to record from my Scarlett Solo audio interface and have playback trhough headphones connected to my PC. I honestly have no idea what else to try. I have double checked my sample rates and it does not seem to matter, Studio One always fail to open my microphone.  Any help?  I was hoping this would be more plug and play but it appears it is not which is alittle disheartening.

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answered Feb 10, 2019 by dironaccoo (180 points)
I'm having the exact same problem.  Is Studio One 4 not compatible with the Focusrite Scarlett 2nd Generation?
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answered Mar 31, 2020 by evangrimes1 (150 points)
I'm having this problem right now. the sample rates match and I have no idea what's wrong at this point. did you ever find a solution?