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Plug-in Effect Enhancements

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asked Dec 19, 2015 in Notion Feature Requests by michaelmyers1 (4,750 points)
A couple things fall under this category:


1.  Ability to move the order of the effect in the channel by dragging it up or down.  Very basic DAW stuff.

2.  Unlimited effects on a channel or buss.  Why is the interface limited to 4?  Also, number 4 frequently can't be used, it goes dead, so it's really limited to 3 in many cases.  This is a bug that I hope is being addressed.

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answered Dec 21, 2015 by matthewgorman (51,870 points)
It may be better to have each of your points as separate questions. That way you don't need 100% agreement on all points for voting purposes.


Good luck