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Small but useful enhancements to the Mono and Stereo Delay PLugin

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asked Dec 12, 2020 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by erhardschwenk (1,750 points)

The FX for Mono and Stereo Delay could be a Workaround to the Pre-Send w/o Delay Problem if

  1. that FX could be inserted as a Fat Channel Plugin with separate parameters in every Channel instead of the FX Busses (can that already be done? Did not find out how yet)
  2. the delay time could be adjusted just one digit finer (at the Moment minimum adjustment "ticks" are 0.01s, the needed granularity would be just milliseconds, for this purpose there's no need for a range beyond 150ms which would compensate around 50 Meters - so maybe a "range" switch could help)

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answered Dec 15, 2020 by jonnydoyle (378,110 points)
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