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Turn off the attenuation function of Monitor Station V2

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asked Nov 1, 2018 in PreAmps, Signal Processors and Monitoring Hardware by msicxdr (120 points)
Hello, I am an old customer of Presonus, I use a lot of related products. Recently, I bought a Monitor Station V2 and found something I didn't understand!

My Presonus HP device is connected to the four headphone jacks above the V2 panel. My speaker is connected to the speaker A. Of course, my Apollo Mainout is connected to the V2 input. When I used Talk, something strange happened, and Dim started playing, causing the volume of all the music to be very small, and the singer could not understand the sound of himself and the music. Turn off Talk and restore the sound. I think this may be an internal sidechain feature, but the ratio is too large, making the singer very uncomfortable. The attenuation has reached -6db, otherwise the sound will be small and almost inaudible. It is normal to reach the 12 direction. Can I turn off the Dim button? I don't think this feature is necessary! Thank you, I hope I can reply to the email to solve the problem.

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