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Monitor Station V2 - is it okay to run meters in the red if calibrated to +4dBu?

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asked Feb 19 in PreAmps, Signal Processors and Monitoring Hardware by kieranmacfeely (120 points)

I have been calibrating my Allen Heath Zed R16 with Logic X and the Monitor Station V2. I now have the monitor station calibrated so that hitting +4dbu (1.23V) on my master from the ZED R16/Logic X translates to 0VU on the Monitor Station (red led fully lit).

My question is:

how much headroom do I have above this red led 0VU point before the Monitor Station clips/overloads/does damage to Monitor Station?

My mixes will occasionally go over this level either accidentally or for some saturation reason etc, is it okay if the monitor station meters are in the red. I see from the specs that the monitor station clipping point is 22dBu. Does this imply that once I hit red led (which I have calibrated my system so this would be +4dBu) that I still have 18db to play with before I run into any potential clipping/damage?

Of course I'm aware that it depends on the input sensitivity of my speakers, but for now I'm just concerned with not overloading the Monitor Station itself.

Many thanks


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