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How to: Record in MONO/ Output in STEREO?

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asked Nov 10, 2018 in Studio One 4 by wasmanebensobraucht (540 points)


I record my vocals on a mono track. After recording it, i switch the track from mono to stereo. Now i am able to put stereo effects on this track and have the wanted stereo effect (two different signals each side). That works fine.

But when i decided to rerecord some parts of the vocals, the rerecorded vocals are only on the left channel. I always forget to set the track back to a mono track.

I want to setup an audio track, that the input is always mono and that the output is stereo/has the ability to become stereo with stereoeffects.

Is there a way to setup an audio track like this?

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answered Nov 10, 2018 by elliottsebag (7,640 points)
Hey ,

Just an few ideas you might wan't to try

1: In many cases some stereo fx's may have a moni input options, which in this case is usually Left channel as only input. Then the output of the fx is stereo but in a few tracks which means you could apply some fx's via send/returns.

2 :

- record your vocal on a mono track, leave this one as your base recording track.
- duplicate it twice and hard pan Left/Right the 2 new copies,
- select the 2 tracks (voxL & voxR) and right click > add buss for selected channels, the buss should be stereo,

- from here you can add stereo fx's on your Voxbuss , if needed to rerecord just punch in in to a mono track then duplicate the part on the other and make sure the pan is okay..

3 :
Maybe you could try to record directly in fake stereo ? if it's an option you'll have a stereo file (so larger size) since the beginning with same content on left & right channels you just have to make sure there isn't any phase issues (which shouldn't if it's an exact copy) and also maybe lower the volume by 3 to 6dB since it'll be louder.

From here you'll be directly able to use stereo fx's on the tracks as well as re record without additionnal steps.

Hope this might help :)

Let us know what was the best for you
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answered Nov 18, 2018 by wasmanebensobraucht (540 points)

thank you so much for your ideas.

I like the the idea number one and two very much and will try it out and look which idea works for me the best in a real recording scenario.
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answered Jul 1, 2019 by jamesrussell14 (420 points)
I definitely came straight to this post when I started using Studio One- it's bonkers that you can't right click on a mono track and select "convert to stereo." A decade-old DAW I used to use has that, Logic has the "grab-two-mono-tracks-and-drag-them-into-a-track" move that makes them stereo.

There is another post right now of a feature request asking for this to please be put in.  Be sure to upvote it :)