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Folder Tracks are not sexy atm. Please make it visually clear that they're not an instrument part.

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asked Nov 13, 2018 in Look and Feel by florianfreimann (4,940 points)
retagged Jul 13, 2020 by florianfreimann
Folder tracks are looking like instrument tracks at the moment so its visual distracting. Maybe make em thinner, or transparent, or whatever. But like this its not helping me to make my song look cleaner but more cluttered. Also the style of the text on these parts is completely the same as on an instrument part.

Thank you

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answered Nov 13, 2018 by elliottsebag (7,620 points)
Hey there,

Actually between the folder icon on the track and the possibility to change track color ( which will also change color of the group content in arrangment view ) i find them pretty clear at the moment. At least i never noticed this as a problem.. would just like them to be in the track list and able to reorganise via the tracklist but that's another topic ^^

I think that you can make it out with a structured color code :) and that there is more important issues / feature request atm for the dev team to work on , but of course it remains only my personnal opinion

Kind regards,
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answered Oct 9, 2021 by CadErik (510 points)
Completely agree - when you scroll through 100+ tracks, I wish there was more indicators to show that something is a folder track. I think they should have a special color and stronger icons.