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Please make the P.M. (Palm muting) signature visually better (it is not logical in TAB)

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asked Dec 9, 2020 in Notion Feature Requests by burgumburgum (120 points)

The Palm Muting (P.M. sign) is completely irrational when displayed on the tablature (which is mostly when it is used, since it is mostly a guitar technique). It is very very unclear about what is the LAST note that is being palm muted here: 

What is the last note being palm muted here? Is it the 0 or the 3 fret? The dots of the palm muting end in the MIDDLE between 0 and 3 and it is impossible to know which one is palm muted. The program actually, when played, plays number 3 palm muted. But that doesnt make sense at all because the dots end BEFORE number 3. So this is extremely confusing for me and especially for my students. 

If the format of the score is ONLY TABLATURE - the situation is EVEN WORSE. Here is the same measure of music:

- It is really impossible to know which notes are palm muted here - no way to tell at all. 

Actually the program, when played, plays both zeros as palm muted, which there is absolutely no way at all to see in writing. It is extremely frustrating. 

This is literally the REASON WHY I KEEP USING GUITAR PRO even though I love Notion very much and want to use it. 


Here is the same measure, but only with the notation. Now the p.m. sign makes PERFECT SENSE:

The palm muting dots end EXACTLY where they should end, and it is super easy to understand where does the palm muting start and where does it end.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can you make it the same with the TABLATURE and TABLATURE+NOTATION (which is really mostly when palm muting is used, cause tablature is a guitar thing, just like palm muting).


Btw when I write P.M. (palm muting) on the TABLATURE+NOTATION  format, and if I want to switch to ONLY NOTATION - the palm muting DISSAPEAR, and I have to write it down once again on a new format, so they are not synchronised. That would be awesome to have also. 

Thank you very much - I am really enjoying the program, but without fixing that problem, i have to continue to use Guitar Pro even though I like Notion better. 



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