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Please make it so MIDI event regions can be placed on folder/bus tracks

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asked Mar 4, 2020 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by michaelzeta (1,300 points)
Impact XT adds output channels for each pad but the event that triggers pads can only be placed on the first channel, so let's say you have a drum set loaded in Impact and you have five output channels generated by Impact, then in the arrange window the events look like they are all placed on the Kick channel and you can not see the other channels at all in the arrange window. You can only view those channels in the console. This is an odd way to work, instead, I should be able to create a folder track and link it to a bus channel for all the Impact outputs and name it 'Drums' (which can be done) and place the MIDI events on this 'Drums' channel in the arrange window. (Not currently possible.)

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answered Mar 4, 2020 by joegilder (13,630 points)
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Watch this video:

And then watch this video: