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Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 (Silence-Problem----Studio-One-4-1-OSX-H-Sierra-VEP-6-Release-6-0-17266)

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asked Dec 5, 2018 in Studio One 4 by ma43 (590 points)

As I’m in a bit of a rush I sent this to the forum as well as support. Maybe somebody knows about this problem...

VEP (Vienna Ensemble Pro 6) is driving me crazy! I have not had it long, and this is the first project with a deadline where I've tried to use it! (I just experimented with it for a while first...) 

This problem is present in STUDIO ONE 4.1.

OK, The problem...

Everything pretty much works as it should 50% of the time. There are occasional latency/ sequencing issues — especially when using ST 1 MixFX console plugins. It would be good if they would go away! But, I can work around these limitations. 

However, the next one really limits the workflow for me...

THE HORROR PROBLEM is sometimes in a session if I add a particular plugin to an instrument track, then, as a consequence, I get NO audio back from the server... Not a squeak!  In ST1 I can see all the tracks working and pumping audio, but no meter shifts a millimetre on the VEP server. This issue mutes all channels on the server and  NOT  just the one fed from the ST1 track with the plugin... Switch off the particular plugin, and all is good again! Everything is fine with the plugin off! Weirdly, (with the plugin on) when you hit the stop button, (BAM!), you hear the tail end of ALL the processed audio that's definitely been through the VEP server! Examples of plugins that cause this problem are the Waves EMI channel strip and Plugin Alliance  "bx_refinement". I notice that these plugins may cause a little latency. PA BX_R has 0.7ms latency listed in the performance monitor. I have a hunch it's something to do with this! Whether I put the tiny latency plugin's on a separate bus or directly on the instrument track makes no difference. If that plugin is in the audio routing before VEP, I get nothing back from the server... PERIOD!

Can anybody help...



PS: I have the Server running on a powerful laptop (Windows 10). My main machine is a Mac High S. (In this case, I'm not sure the machines really matter..)

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