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Why isn't my device driver for my FireStudio not recognizing on my Mac computer?

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asked Dec 22, 2015 in FireStudio Series by johncriado (150 points)
edited Dec 22, 2015 by abrand2
OK, So I got rid of El Captain because Logic Pro 9 didn't work on it, but when I had El Cap...but the fire studio project lit up constant blue after downloading 1.7.3.

But now that I got rid of El Captain and downgraded to Maverick I took your advice and downloaded 1.7.2 and one fire studio is constant RED and the other flashes BLUE and RED.

So what did I do wrong. Your download suggests 1.7.3 for Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard and Maverick.  I tried reinstalling 1.7.3 after deleting 1.7.2 to see if that would work and it didn't Now I'm at Driiver Version    5742, Can't get mixers or control clock speed  WHAT DO I DO

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answered Dec 22, 2015 by abrand2 (32,110 points)
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It's easy to take your question with two different approachs - verifying the hardware is connected correctly and then making sure the audio driver is selected in the software.  

With Firewire interfaces, the best way to verify that your device is connected would be to look in your System information file.  This helps you recognize if the device is connected and functioning (i.e. firewire card/cable/mixer is communicating) and also helps you recognize when the driver is mounted and seen by your computer.

You can access System Information by going in a New Finder window to:  Applications >> Utilities >> System Information.  



Any firewire devices seen by the computer will be listed under "Hardware >> Firewire" as shown here.



If you do not see your device listed in your System information file, you might first want to change your firewire cable out or make sure you have a Bilingual Firewire cable supported for proper connection to firewire 400 devices, If the device shows up it may require a Uninstall and Reinstall of the device driver just to make sure there are no remnants of older drivers still there (which is very common).  

If you are still having issues at this point, then you may want to Contact Technical Support for further assistance.

commented Dec 23, 2015 by butchrichard (131,360 points)
Once you have verified that your FireStudio Project is showing as a properly connected device in the System Report, you must then uninstall all Universal Control and FireStudio Project device software and files.  Depending on how you updated and the downgraded your OSX, you still have various and different UC software versions on your system.

Follow this article exactly to remove your UC and Firestudio Project device files from your computer.

Once done, you will be able to download and install the UC 1.7.2 version again and it should now function and sync without conflict.

If all else fails, install OSX fresh and reformat your main hard drive.  Doing this everything will be freshly installed and your system will function like day one.