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AudioBox 1818VSL Driver Error (Universal Control) - "Out 4" is programmed as saying "Our 4"

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asked Dec 23, 2018 in AudioBox VSL Series by darrickofenloch (470 points)

First off, I really believe that Presonus is giving us suckers who bought this AudioBox 1818VSL interface the short end of the stick with this product.  Overall it's a decent interface but there are so many little annoyances that come along with it that they could easily have taken care of to make this a way better product.  Obviously they don't give a rip anymore about it because it is pretty much a legacy product it appears, but maybe they could just give it a little attention for us customers who are still using it.

Something that I've opened a support ticket for a couple times but they just keep ignoring in any update is that there is a misspelling in the Universal Control driver for the 1818.  Regardless if you look at the I/O setup in either Cubase or Studio One, it shows the outs as: Main L, Main R, Out 3, Our 4, etc. (see the images.)  If I was them I would be embarrassed that some programmer misspelled "Out" with "Our", an error that should be easily corrected and just shows blatant sloppiness on their behalf.  Does anyone know if there is a way to correct the misspelling error on my own?  It's not something that is prohibiting me from working, it just is really irritating and is annoying.

Ultimately, it's pretty crummy that they discontinued the VSL Interface which has many monitoring options and replaced it with the UC Driver which has no monitoring options for the 1818.  It seems that all other manufacturer's interfaces in that price range have a driver with some sort of monitoring interface. Also, they never made the scribble strips in the VSL software editable.  It would have been nice to have been able to change the channel names from "1", "2", "3", etc. to what the channels were such as "Kick", "Snare", "Guitar", etc.

Does anyone have anything they can share in regards to this interface and anything I wrote and shed some light on anything going on with this interface?  It would be appreciated.

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answered Dec 15, 2019 by colinotoole (16,360 points)
Haha, yes, I've noticed that misspelling before... doesn't really bother me though.
I love my 1818VSL and it works flawlessly.
I use driver version 1.3 (not UC) and Studio One.
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answered Oct 13, 2020 by cameronshawcross (190 points)
Since I wanted to save a little cash, I decided to purchase the 1818VSL - I am trying to install the drivers with no luck as of yet - Do you know which UC driver version would be the correct to install?

I tried installing the AudioBox VSL Drivers but those don't seem to work...