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S1 won’t show 1818VSL & AudioBoxUSB as sep. devices to choose, only shows AudioBox, I have both, why can't I see 1818?

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asked Sep 13, 2016 in Studio One 2 by ggendron (220 points)
I have: HP Envy computer, Windows 10, StudioOne 2 Pro, and two PreSonus interfaces: AudioBoxUSB and 1818VSL.  On my other computer (HP Pavilion), when I select StudioOne > Option > for audio I can choose from (1) Windows Audio, or either of my two interfaces, (2) AudioBox or (3) 1818VSL.  Even the graphic icon for each shows the correct little picture of either device.  On my new computer however, only Windows Audio and the AudioBox are available for selection. The 1818 VSL does not show up as a selection.  The little picture is of the two-channel AudioBoxUSB only.  Operationally, if I select this AudioBox, and use my 1818 VSL, I can get all 8 input channels to work, everything seems to work, but the buffer settings are not correct.  I have to set the buffer dangerously low to have no latency.  I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the 1818 VSL drivers dozens of times.  I have tried using the legacy AudioBox 1818VSL v1.3 and even v1.2 software AND the newest Universal Control software.  But no matter what, StudioOne only sees one interface - the two-channel Audiobox USB device.  For what it's worth, Universal Control sees both devices - even shows the correct graphic icon for each.  But when I open Studio One, it just says "Windows Audio" or "AudioBox" for audio interface options.  How do I get StudioOne to recognize that the 1818VSL is available?

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answered Sep 13, 2016 by mattcaprio (147,820 points)
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Studio One will still show a picture of the AudioBox USB 2x2 for any given AudioBox unit connected to a PC regardless of if it is the two channel USB, the 44, or the 1818.

The best way to fix this issue is to disconnect the two channel AudioBox USB and just use your 1818 with UC 1.8.1.

If you continue to have latency issues you can try:

1. Lowering your buffer size to something like 256 or 512 (the lowest tenable buffer size will ultimately be determined by your PC's specs)

2. Try different USB ports

3. Update your computer's components such as your USB controllers and BIOS

If your issues persist please contact technical support via support ticket; however keep in mind multiple USB recording interfaces on the same computer is unsupported.