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Audio randomly turns to static

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asked Dec 26, 2018 in Studio One 4 by spike the media (120 points)
I'm running into a problem with Studio One 4 Professional. I'll be working on a project and my audio will turn into a static mess. This is happening at random, as far as I can tell. I tried muting all the tracks to see if the problem was somewhere in tracked audio or midi data somewhere, but when I press play, I still get static, but this time, to the beat of the metronome. To troubleshoot further, I opened windows media player and tried playing a song. Each song I played produced the same static mess. Videos on YouTube also do the same. It's worth noting that when this happens, the left output sounds fine, with only the right producing the static. (So if I'm wearing headphones, then the left ear is fine but the right ear is all messed up). This is consistent with all speakers and headsets I have. Right now the only solution I have to the problem is resetting my computer. All of the above taken into consideration, it makes sense to me to assume the audio driver is going haywire. I'm using ASIO4ALL v2.14 whenever this happens. Any idea how I might be able to rectify this in the future without having to restart my computer? Also, any ideas as to what might be causing this in the first place? Any input would be appreciated!

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