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How can I use mic audio from 44VSL in online meetings with Zoom, skype etc.?

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asked Mar 3, 2019 in AudioBox USB by aguz916 (170 points)

When I use Zoom and and other apps for web meetings for sharing my screen and audio... I see the options to select Line In 1/2 from my 44VSL but I'm getting nothing to actually reach the people on the other end. I've tried Line In 3/4 and nothing either. 

The mic input works just fine in Ableton etc. Mic has signal in the 44VSL software mixer and can hear in headphones and monitors.

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answered Apr 2 by jasonthompson10 (440 points)
Having the same issue with my Studio 68.

I can hear through my monitors but I can’t use my microphone. I listen through the speakers but speak through my webcam.