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Adding a single "Freeze" button / function

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asked Dec 28, 2018 in Mixing by chrisschutte1 (850 points)
Adding a single button to "freeze" or "unfreeze" your effects and instruments on a track .Even though we have the Transform function in the menu, a single button would be a great time saver, perhaps have a set of preferences that one could set per track or universally?

This functionality is available in many other DAWs, and I sorely miss it in Studio One.

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answered Dec 31, 2018 by mciv (980 points)
Yeah, if a track is muted and it's inserts aren't turned off they still eat cpu (and you can't switch sends on/off globally just like inserts). And even if they are turned off they are still loaded during song load. I like right click deactivate thing in protools, track/effect becoming gray and in italic font.