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Can we have a ‘freeze’ function on a reverb

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asked Sep 24, 2018 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by howardmaltby (230 points)
A freeze function on a reverb plug (something I use a lot) is something that would be brilliant. It’s literally the only thing I need to use Ableton for these days.

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answered Oct 26, 2018 by fransvannispen (4,270 points)
You should be able to bounce the channel and import it in the session. Not as elegant is freeze, but it works
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answered Oct 27, 2018 by howardmaltby (230 points)

Hi Fransvannispen

Thanks for the reply, but this isn’t what I meant. I meant a continuous reverb effect that holds the sound as a permanent wash of ambience. 

The way it works is

- The signal enters the reverb in the normal way 

- you hit ‘freeze’ or ‘hold’ on the reverb 

- the reverb the stops accepting new signal and instead holds the reverb until you turn it off again  

This video shows how it works on the free Ambience plug in, but I think the sound quality is a bit rubbish  

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answered Jan 17, 2019 by willemgobel (970 points)
That's something I would like too!