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Useful Features for Sample One XT

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asked Jan 1, 2019 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by Michael1985 (12,820 points)
edited Feb 7, 2019 by Michael1985
I still use Kontakt because it has many useful features which Sample One XT hasnt. But I really miss the diorect recording features. Missing effects is no problem, but some basic functions which are important for designing instruments and for sound design:

-duplicating and order changing of recorded samples inside Sample One XT

-slicing threshold

-Hold parameter for the volume envelope

-retriggable syncable random modulators S&H, random static value for every trigger and random dynamic modulator

-restart mode for LFO(s) (two modulators would be better)
-different layer trigger modes like within impact xt like round robin, random and together to generate realistic instruments

-settings for pitch, pan and volume for every single layered sample

-a notch filter (resonance is steepness and you can change the notch to a peak filter(bipolar resonance control) and two filters whit parallel option with a crossfade knob

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answered Jul 30, 2020 by danielhahnfeld (700 points)

I would love to see round robin or random samples within velocity layers. This would enable us to create truly authentic drum or percussion instruments.  And all the above!

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answered Apr 12, 2022 by bandybum (1,050 points)
Currently, 'send to SampleOne' creates an instance where the amp release is always zero.

Could you please enable the amp release to be increased and saved (if so desired) as default on SampleOne?

Thanks for your consideration and continued efforts towards making Studio One an ever more awesome DAW :)