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Using Virtual Instruments on Separate Tracks

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asked Jan 1, 2019 in Studio One 4 by frederickjones3 (120 points)
I have created a virtual instrument called Presence. I would like to use Presence on two tracks: Track 1 and Track 2. Within each of these tracks I would like to be able to adjust the volume automation separately. However, when I add automation to Track 1, it also applies this automation to Track 2. Additionally, there is only one track in the console representing both Track 1 and Track 2. I have tried 'Dissolve Group', but that still doesn't work.

Is there a way to apply automation to one track that is using Presence, independently of other tracks that also uses Presence?

Thanks in advance.

1 Answer

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answered Jan 3, 2019 by vasilykorytov (8,810 points)
* duplicate the Presence instrument (alt+drag in Intruments section in mixer)

* leave Track 1 with Presence, assign Track 2 to Presence 2

* voila, they have separate volume and automations