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Headphone Impedance vs Output Impedance

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asked Jan 3 in AudioBox USB by richardkang1 (120 points)
I've been researching information about the headphone impedance and output impedance and what not. Still have lot of question about them, but not dire at the moment. The question I do need answer to is about a very specific headphones and a very specific audio interface. I hope you wonderful people can shed light to this darkness.

I just purchased an AKG K240 Studio that has an headphone impedance of 55Ohms and according Presonus AudioBox USB tech specs, under headphone output, the maximum output is 60 mW/Ch @ 60Ω Load. I've had a Samson SR850 that has 32Ohms and is definitely louder at the same volume compare to the AKG K240, but not by much. My question, will this effect the flat response or clarity of the mix? Do I need a separate headphone amplifier to get a flater/clearer sound to help with mixing?

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