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Headphone hum -- grounding issue? Need new headphones?

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asked Aug 24, 2019 in AudioBox USB by stevenrosenberg1 (150 points)
I have Sony wireless headphones that I put in all the connectors to use with the PreSonsus AudioBox 1one. I get a hum from the preamp no matter what I do. I have replaced/changed the cables connecting the headphone to the preamp, but I still get the hum.

I am using an HP laptop, studio4 software. Interesting, when I unplugged the computer's main power supply, the humming actually got louder!

Is there any quick fix to this? Do I need another set of headphones? Is there a problem with the grounding of the system? It's very annoying.

I am simply recording speeches and do not do any of the sound editing.


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