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How do I record the midi notes of the MPC Touch VST Plugin

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asked Dec 24, 2015 in Studio One 3 by younqcass (120 points)
Hello All,

I recently purchased the Studio one 3 DAW and AKAI MPC Touch. I am a long time FL studio user so please forgive my ignorance if this is otherwise simple. What I'd like to do is use Studio One as my DAW with the mpc touch for drum programming.
I started a simple project to test out some workflows. I created an instrument track for the MPC Touch vst.
I did the following please advise if I've missed a step

1. Created an instrument track in studio one

2. added mpc vst to instrument track

3. loaded a drum program

4. armed the instrument track

5. pressed record

Pressing pads on the MPC causes midi notes to be reflected in the mpc plugin however not in the studio one instrument track. Is this normal? Is there a better workflow for this. What if I want to eq different pads using the DAW? Am I restricted to the eq inside the mpc plugin as opposed to the host DAW

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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answered Dec 24, 2015 by matthewgorman (51,740 points)
Not a midi expert by any means. But what I think you need to do is set the midi input on the intsrument track to be from the VST. Also, is there an instrument selected from the browser? That may be needed also.


FWIW, this may be better suited for a forum post in the studio one forums. This q/a site is in the beginning stages, and most what I see are Feature Requests. You may get better traction at the forums. The forums also allow for better back and forth responses as the situation starts evolving.
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answered Dec 25, 2015 by niles (53,920 points)
edited Dec 25, 2015 by niles
AFAIK the MPC Touch does not have a MPC MIDI mode yet. So it's probably not able to act as a generic MIDI device until AKAI adds it.